Government of Guam – Circulars


DOA Circular 07-27 Shortened Workweek Programs and LWOP
DOA Circular 07-26 Notice of Furlough
DOA Circular 07-24 Furlough Information
DOA Circular 07-11 Sexual Harassment
DOA-HR Circular 07-0059 Policy on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment
Executive Order 2005-28 Re-defining the positions exempted by the Fair Labor Standards Act
DOA Circular 05-022 Application of the New Rules of the U.S. Department of Labor
BBMR Circular 06-05 Compliance of PL28-057&PL28-068
BBMR Circular 06-06 Compliance with Reporting Requirements
CSC Circular 06-107 Prohibited Political Activity: Mini-Hatch Act
GovGuam Internet Ethics
GPLS Emergency SOP
3rd Qtr Financial Reporting