Government of Guam – Public Laws


PL22-149, Bill 628 Anti-Graffiti Act of 1994
PL25-79 Sunshine Reform Act of 1999 Exemptions
PL25-113, Bill 220 Automated External Defibrillation Act of 2000
PL26-136 Agat Library name changed to Maria Rivera Aguigui Memorial Library
PL26-157, Bill 343, Sec 5 GovGuam Holidays
PL27-13 Qualifications for Director
PL27-106, Ch VI, Sec 32 Executive Order Holidays
PL27-107, Sec 18 Matching Requirements for Federal Grants-In-Aid
PL27-153, Bill 333 Sec 2 Federal Holidays on Saturdays & Sundays
PL28-024 Prohibition of Convicted Sex Offenders
PL28-057 Transparency Act of 2005
PL28-068, Ch V, Sec 2 & 3 Reporting Requirements
PL28-122, Bill 244 EC Employee Notice of Charges or Convictions
PL28-140, Bill 148 LS Minimum Wages
PL28-149, Bill 266 EC Educational Appropriations Act of 2007
PL28-164, Bill 368 EC Act to conform the Guam wage and hour law
PL28-182, Bill 286 LS Procurement of DSL, Cable and Wireless Broadband Services
PL28-185, Bill 150 LS Transfer of surplus and excess computers and monitors