Standard Operating Procedures

Guam Public Library System

Pursuant to P.L. 34-05

Employing Staff

Job Descriptions

Department of Administration Position Descriptions

DOA PD – Administrative Aide
DOA PD – Administrative Assistant
DOA PD – Administrative Officer
DOA PD – Bookmobile Driver
DOA PD – Building Custodian Leader
DOA PD – Building Custodian
DOA PD – Clerk Typist III
DOA PD – Library Technician I
DOA PD – Library Technician II
DOA PD – Library Technician Supervisor
DOA PD – Program Coordinator I
DOA PD – Secretary I (Typist)

GPLS Position Descriptions

GPLS PD – Administrative Aide
GPLS PD – Administrative Assistant
GPLS PD – Administrative Officer
GPLS PD – Bookmobile Driver
GPLS PD – Building Custodian Leader
GPLS PD – Building Custodian
GPLS PD – Clerk Typist III
GPLS PD – Library Technician I
GPLS PD – Library Technician II
GPLS PD – Library Technician Supervisor
GPLS PD – Program Coordinator I
GPLS PD – Secretary I (Typist)

Employee Operating Procedures

Administrative Support Unit

SOP – Deposits to Treasurer of Guam
SOP – Earning Statements
SOP – Encumbrances (as per DOA Guidelines)
SOP – Federal Grants
SOP – Fuel Lube Log
SOP – Government Contributions
SOP – Leave Balances
SOP – Monthly Maintenance Schedule
SOP – Monthly Program Attendance
SOP – Payroll Change of Employee Job Order Master (as per DOA Guidelines)
SOP – Revenue Collection Report
SOP – Time Balances
SOP – Timesheets
SOP – Utility Service Authorization (as per DOA Guidelines)
SOP – Vendor Records (as per DOA Guidelines)
SOP – Verify Invoice Payments in AS400

Site Services / Projects / Activities

Table of Contents / Appendix
Library Bill of Rights/Freedom to Read
Appendix: #1
1.1  Check-In/Out Receipts
1.2  Circulation Form Daily
Appendix: #2
2.1  Price Charges for Copy and Duplication
2.2  Guam Special Collection-Reference Request Form
2.3  Sign In/Out Sheet for Computers
2.4  Patron Internet Agreement Form
2.5  GPLS Internet Use Policy 2007
2.6  Daily Reference Stats Form
2.7  Daily Stats Form
2.8  Reference/Guam Documents Record
2.9  Monthly Report Form
2.10 Duplication/Loan Agreement Form
Appendix: # 3
3.1  Patron Application Form
3.2  Borrower’s Card (Manual)
3.3  Library Card
3.4  Horizon Database
3.5  Horizon Check-in and Check-out Screens
3.6  Online Access and PIN
Internet Agreement Policy
Appendix: #4
4.1  Patron Internet Agreement Form
4.2  GPLS Internet Use Policy 2007
4.3  GPLS Computer Sign In-Out Sheet
4.4  GPLS Wi-Fi Sign-in Sheet
Appendix # 5
5.1  Overdue Notice Slips
5.2  Receipt of Payment
5.3  Checkout Window
5.4  List of Items still checked out
5.5  Amount of Fines Accumulated
5.6  Fine Payment Screen
5.7  Fine Comment Screen
5.8  Overdue Log Book
5.9  Field Receipt Log Book
5.10  Overdue Listing
5.11  Vendor Records Form
Lending Period of books/non-print
Appendix: # 6
6.1  Loan Period Chart
Interlibrary Loan and Interlibrary Cooperation
Appendix: #7
7.1  GPLS Loan/Duplication Form
Appendix: #8
8.1  Fines and Fees Charge Listing
Confidentially of Library Records Legal
Appendix: # 9
9.1  P.L. 25-79 “Sunshine Reform Act of 1999” – GPLS is exempted from the Sunshine Act
       to release patrons’ information.
9.2  GPLS Board Manual page on “Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records”
Library Usage Policy
Appendix: #10
10.1  Library Usage Policy

10.2  Patron Application for Bookmobile Services Requirements

Services for the Blind and Physically Disabled/National Library
Appendix: #11
11.1  Sign/Poster
11.2  GPLS NLBPH Brochure
11.3  Application for Free Library Service – Individual
11.4  Application for Free Library Service – Institution
11.5  Application for Currency Reader
11.6  Homebound Delivery Request Form
11.7  GPLS “In-House” Statistics Report
11.8  Monthly Equipment Report Submitted to Hawaii State Library, Hawaii for Blind and
 Physically Handicapped, Regional Library
11.9  GPLS Inventory Form Submitted to Hawaii State Library, Hawaii for Blind and
 Physically Handicapped, Regional Library
Incoming Library Mail, Serials/Periodicals
Appendix: #12
12.1  Locator Card
12.2  Incoming Log (Before Processing)
12.3  Serials Periodical Statistics Blank Template
Federal Depository Library Program (FEDDOC’s)
Appendix: #13
13.1  Federal Depository: Guideline
13.2  About GPO: Snapshot
13.3  About FDLP: Snapshot
13.4  Federal Depository Shipping List
13.5  Federal Depository Daily Statistics Sheets
13.6  Federal Depository Shelf List Card
13.7  Federal Depository Discard Form
Scanning and Archival
Book Selections
Appendix: #15
15.1  Citizen’s Request Form for Purchase of Materials;
15.2  Citizen’s Request Form for Reconsideration of Library Materials
15.3  Reserve Request Form
Appendix: #16
16.1  Delaney (Book Listing Sample)
16.2  Gerard Aflague Collection (Book Listing Sample)
16.3  Bestseller (Book Listing Sample)
Appendix: #17
17.1  Deed of Gifts
17.2  Book Donation Listing
Maintaining the collection
Appendix: #18
18.1  Continuous Review, Evaluation, and Weeding “CREW Method”
18.2  WESTPAS Protecting Library and Archive Collections
Non-Circulating (Guam/Special Collections)
Appendix: #19
19.1  Citation Indexes
19.2  Loan and Duplication Form
Cataloging (printed and non-printed materials)
Appendix: # 20
20.1  Shelf List Scratch Cards
20.2  Existing Shelf List Cards
20.3  Shelf List Typing Guide
20.4  Barcode Sequence for multiple locations
20.5  Verify Shelf List Cards
20.6  Note for Existing Shelf List
20.7  Information Required
20.8  Additional Information Required
20.9  Existing Shelf List Cards
20.10 Shelf List Cards
20.11  Horizon Creating a Bib
20.12  Horizon Importing
Cataloging & Technical Processing (printed materials)
Appendix: #21
21.1  Marking Books – Inside Book Cover
21.2  Marking Books – Cover Page
21.3  Placing Tattle Tapes
21.4  Placing Barcodes
21.5  Stamping Books
21.6  Branch Stamps
21.7  Reference Stamps
21.8  Branch Stamps with Book Jacket
21.9  Spine Labels
21.11 Barcode placement for CD/DVD
21.12 CD Marking
21.13 Tattle Tapes for Non Print Items
21.14 Spine Labels for Non-print Items
21.15 Non Print Item Labels
Library Statistical Reports
Appendix: #22
22.1  Blank Template Statistics
22.1.1  GPLS
22.1.2  IMLS-NCES State Data
22.1.3  Bureau of Planning
Library Programs and Events
Appendix: #23
23.1  Library Program Schedule
23.2  Literacy Programs Cover sheet / Reports (Themes, Activities, and Crafts)
23.3  Literacy Programs Sign-in Sheets
23.4  Media Release Form
23.5  Program Attendance Report
23.6  Library Tour Request Form
Appendix: #24
24.1  Volunteer Application
24.2  Volunteer Information Packet
24.3  Volunteer Timesheet
24.4  Volunteer Waiver Forms (Minor/Adults)
Disaster Preparedness Pocket Response Plans
Appendix: #25
25.1  Pocket Response Plan
25.2  WESTPAS Protecting Library and Archive Collections
25.3  Guam Homeland Security – Natural Disaster

Employee Orientation and Training

Employee Orientation and Training Procedure

GPLS New Employee Packet

01/5/17 Memo from DOA regarding Sexual Harassment
03/08/08 DOA Circular 08-016 re Sexual Harassment
06/07/06 Memo from CSC regarding the Mini-Hatch Act
GPLS Employee Handbook and Manual 
P.L. 28-122 Government Employee to provide notice of charges to the department head
E.O. 2015-09 Social Media
P.L. 32-145 List of GovGuam Holidays
Leave Sharing Forms
Payroll Deduction Cancellation Form
Payroll Deduction Authorization Form
Payroll Direct Deposit Form
Payroll Leave Application Form
Emergency Data Form
Employee Badge Request Forms
Pin # for Security System

DOA Circular 2011-017

Processing Forms 01/06/17

Corrective Action and Discipline

Corrective Action and Discipline Procedure

Performance Reviews

Department of Administration Procedure

Use of Internet and Social Media for Business Purposes

GPLS Website
E.O. 2015-09 Social Media